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What is the best clinic for teeth whitening? | Dubai

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A guide to tooth whitening

If you want white, straight, pearly whites, then you need to invest time and effort into achieving them. Here are some things to consider when choosing between different whitening treatments.

Professional teeth whitening combines both professional care and at-homes solutions for better outcomes.

“Laser treatment can help your smile brighten. However, if you only do it once, you won’t get the best possible outcome. You should go back every six months to ensure that your new smile stays healthy.” “Home whiteners from the pharmacy (such as toothpaste) or bought online won't work the same as using whitener strips and could cause damage to the teeth or risk ingesting peroxide or other chemicals.

Everyone has different tooth responses to whitening treatments.

“Teaching children how to brush properly can help prevent tooth decay. Brushing twice daily helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, which causes cavities and gum disease. Children should be taught proper brushing techniques at an early age. They should also learn about good oral hygiene habits such as flossing regularly.”

It usually takes longer if you want something different than the default look.

Laser tooth whitening takes less than an hour, but requires three to four weeks of treatment. Patients wear the special tray for 30 minutes each day."

Many clients ask me if I know the Chelsea grin.

"The 'Chelsea Smile' describes a trend for whitened tooth colours which are not too bright but keep the character of the original tooth colour." "I find that most people prefer their smiles to be whi­teer than others. However, I also find that some patients desire a brighter smile."

Don't go overboard if you don't really need to.

We often provide a home tooth whitening kit so that you can measure your progress. You can also ask for advice from your dentist or your family and friend. Or you can send us pictures by email, text or WhatsApp and they can match your color with our in office shades.

You'll need to avoid pigmented foods during the entire course of the procedure

“While whitening your teeth (and for 48 hrs afterwards), you should consume a whiter foods menu as this is when the pore of your teeth are most open. Choices include poultry, rice and fish and in case you're vegetarian, chickpeas, cauliflowers and celery are great choices. You may likewise drink smoothies or juices through a pipe. Beige sustenances including bread, pasta and potato are alright and so are milk drinks, however not red wines and dark liquor. Smoke-free eating and caffeine are permitted and espresso and teas ought to be taken without cream.” Once the in-office and at-your-own-risk whitening treatments are completed, you can resume a normal diet (and smoke if desired) but you should visit your dental hygienist every 6 months for routine cleanings.

You may experience some side-effect when treating acne.

You may be able to prevent sensitivity by using a toothpaste that contains fluoride. However, you may not be able to completely eliminate sensitivity after the treatment has been completed. Some gum bleeding or soreness may occur during the process but this usually subsides within a few days. During the at-homes process, it is important to not use too much toothpaste and to remove any excess paste from the teeth before bedtime. It is recommended to rinse the teeth with warm salt-free (sodium-free) liquids several times per day.

Professional toothpastes are recommended for best results.

“I recommend another great tooth paste for sensitive teeth, which is an all natural ingredient whitenin­g tooth paste with sensitivity protectio­n. It helps extend and enhance the teeth whiteness and reduces any sensitivity.”

It can take up to five months for the results from a treatment to be apparent.

For the most long-term results, avoid drinking beverages through straws and eating foods that stain your teeth. You should always visit your dentist and hygientist at least once every six months. If you're drinking lots of alcohol, then you may need to visit them less often than usual. “You can ask your dental hygienist for advice on doing teeth whitening tops ups at any time (as long as they will still be able to clean your teeth) and can buy more professional toothpaste from them.”

If you aren't satisfied with your results, you need to …

Let your dentist know. They might be able to provide an alternative whitener from a different brand that could work better for your smile. "You may be able to get by without veneers if you don't have any major issues with your teeth, but if you do, then you might want to think about them." Overall, professional teeth whitening treatments are an excellent investment for people who want whiter smiles.

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