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What is mal-aligned teeth?

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Orthodontically mal-aligned teeth:

Children may have improperly placed teeth which can be caused by differences in jaw size and tooth size which can cause space shortage thus leading to improper position of teeth, early loss of milk teeth with no replacement, trauma, presence of extra tooth, thumb sucking, mouth breathing, lip biting or placing teeth on lower lip, forceful thrust of tongue forward.

Crooked Teeth

Signs & symptoms, prevention & treatment of mal-aligned teeth

Signs & Symptoms

Crowded, rotated, improper placed teeth. All teeth not meeting each other upon jaw closure. Speech difficulties. Traumatic injuries caused by teeth upon closure. Pain in muscles of face. Jaw pain. Improper lip closure.


Avoid early loss of milk teeth, if extraction of the tooth is necessary, the space should be restored or preserved for the permanent teeth.


Orthodontic braces are the treatment option for mal-aligned teeth, you should consult an orthodontist for the treatment.

Complications of orthodontically mal-alligned teeth:

Malocclusion of teeth Information | Mount Sinai - New York

Psychological low self esteem, greater risk of trauma, increased chances of tooth decay, jaw pain, speech difficulties and problems in closing the teeth properly which can cause gum problems and overgrowth of upper jaw if patient has a habit of mouth breathing while sleeping.

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