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Root Canal in Dubai Silicon Oasis

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Why remove an infected tooth when it can be made healthy and saved?
We want to help preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime.

Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp, the innermost part of the tooth, is badly decayed or infected. If left untreated, the pulp will die and lead to tooth loss. Hence, saving the tooth requires removal of the infected pulp to prevent the formation of an abscess (a build-up of pus within the body’s tissue, in this case gum tissue).

Symptoms indicating the need for a root canal:

  • Pain when chewing or biting
  • Dull/severe pain radiating from one area of the mouth to another
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot/cold foods and liquids
  • Sensitivity when tapping the tooth
  • Gum swelling

How We Do It?

At Solis Dental Clinic, the combination of precise measurements, use of rotary file technique and local anesthesia result in an especially non-traumatic procedure with minimum pain:

  • X-rays are taken at your dental consultation as well as a final radiograph to determine precise measurements of tooth lengths. (We use an electronic apex locator to reduce the X-ray exposure at each stage.) Thereafter, doctor will assign you with a series of appointments for the treatment.
  • Doctor prefers to use nickel titanium rotary files since they have the ability to bend while passing through a curvy canal. This means that the dentist can retain intact the tooth’s natural anatomy.
  • Three-dimension warm gutta-percha material is used to seal the canal. Doctor finds that this material along with rotary files provides consistently excellent results.
  • Local anesthesia is used to make the procedures virtually painless.

More about Root Canal Treatment

Any tooth has three layers:

  • Enamel, the outermost, hardest layer
  • Dentin, the second layer
  • Pulp the third layer and the space where the connective tissue, blood vessels and nerve of the tooth are located

If the pulp space is exposed, either due to a large cavity or a fractured tooth, the tissue gets contaminated and infected. Bacterial growth causes pressure and pain as well as possible facial swelling. Eventually, the bacteria kill the pulp and infect the bone structure around the tooth leading to tooth loss. However, infected teeth need not be removed since a root canal treatment can save it. We prefer that you retain your natural teeth for a lifetime and will make every effort to save yours with utmost care and comfort.

Are root canal procedures painful? Today’s advanced techniques have made root canals more comfortable, faster, and with little or no pain:

  • Local anesthesia makes the procedures virtually painless
  • Sleep sedation root canal therapy is offered for patients experiencing dental anxiety
  • Typically completed in two dental visits (each visit lasting at least 30 to 60 minutes)

Root canal procedures typically involve:

  • Administering local anesthesia and drilling an access canal using a file
  • Removing the infected, dead tissue, bacteria or other debris harbored there
  • Sealing the canal to prevent food from entering
  • Placing a crown (cap) on the tooth to safeguard against fracture


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