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Dental Sealants in Dubai Silicon Oasis

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Dental fissure sealants are another preventive and completely painless measure for adults and children.


The sealant is a plastic filling that is applied into the fissures (or grooves) of the chewing surfaces of teeth, especially of the back teeth such as premolars and molars. These fissures can be extremely narrow, deep, and difficult to clean with a toothbrush and hence prime locations for the proliferation of bacterial plaque. By acting as a protective coating preventing the penetration of food particles and decay causing bacteria into the tooth, the sealant is a proven technique to reduce the risk of dental cavities (caries).

Since prevention is better than cure, the earlier these fissures are found and sealed, the better. Moreover, since dental sealants can only protect the surface area they are placed on, other preventive measures such as fluoride therapy are also needed to protect the entire surface of the tooth from decay and cavities.



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