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SIT Tower - Suite 1513 - Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Best Dental Clinic in DSO, Dubai

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During the time when the world is facing the Global Pandemic, nobody wants to venture out of their safety zone. The world will change, and we need to gear up and fight.

One way to do is ensuring we are in safest environment and that is exactly what Solis Dental Clinic will provide you with. Out of all the healthcare services dentistry is the one where the Doctor is in closest contact with the patient.

So, here’s the enhanced list of safety measures Solis Dental Clinic has adopted for combatting Covid-19 to ensure 100% sterile and safe environment for our Patients, Doctors & Staff.

  1. Frequent Disinfection of all Surfaces & Rigorous Hand-Sanitizing Protocols in Place
    Regular disinfection of all surfaces coming in human contact is ensured. Sample testing is done by an accredited external pathology lab and ‘Free from Infection’ certificates are maintained in each clinic.
  2. 4-Step Sterilisation for Instruments and Hand Rotors
    Adherence to Solis Dental Clinic’s trademarked process to ensure a 100% sterile and safe environment for patients and staff.
  3. Aerosol Removal and Air Purifying External High-Suction Machine
    Special high technology equipment installed in the Solis Dental Clinic to reduce the aerosols generated during the treatment. This technology uses high suction strength, coupled with special filters like the high fibre Cotton filter, fibre glass filter, HEPA (H13) filter and activated carbon filters to clean the air and reduce the risk of infection.
  4. UV Light (Ultraviolet) Disinfection Technologies
    UV Light Disinfection Chambers installed in clinics have light sources of 40-60 watts and are used for disinfecting day-to-day articles like napkins, all cloth items, N95/KN95 masks, tubings, telephones and other small items
  5. Modified Pre-treatment Protocols for Patients and Visitors
    Modified Protocols which patient needs to follow before and during the visit to the clinic. These include hand sanitization, sharing travel &medical history, infra -red thermal scanning, oxygen level monitoring, iodine mouth rinsing to name the critical ones.
  6. Complete Global Standard PPE for Dentists and Dental Assistants
    Our policy ensures use of best in class & global standard PPE’s for all dentists and dental assistants to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between patients, thereby ensuring patient and staff safety.
  7. Responsible Bio-Medical Waste Disposal
    Solis Dental Clinic has always worked with Government regulations to dispose of biomedical waste. The new policy ensures that all extra PPE material should be disposed of as per WHO guidelines.
  8. Digital AI-Enabled Proprietary software for complete medical records
    Solis Dental Clinic has an in-house secured central electronic medical system known as PRM, that records the entire journey of the patient starting from their first visit. This is to ensure high-quality treatment and patient safety.
  9. Periodic Clinical Audits Ensuring 100% Compliance of Standards and Protocols
    The bi-monthly in clinic audits done by Dental Professionals help to maintain the quality of all our clinics and they make sure that the protocols are being followed.
  10. Daily Clinic Fumigation
    Solis Dental Clinics are fumigated multiple times in a day to ensure the elimination of all forms of microbial life including viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc.

Quality being the core value, the dedicated Quality Team at Solis Dental Clinic ensures that our clinic provide the highest quality services to our patients and strive for continuous improvements. Their delivery models, protocols & policies are constantly audited as well as reviewed from time to time to keep pace with the dynamic environment.

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