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Looking for All-on-4 Dental Implants in Dubai?

All on Four dental implants are not a type of dental implants. All on Four is a method or order rather than a kind of dental

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implant.The method was originated in Europe by Dr. Paulo Malo together with Nobel Biocare for the placement of full curves of upper or lower teeth. It can be a perfect tooth replacement solution when a patient has numerous teeth in either their upper or lower arches that are lost or damaged.

Best Choice for Missing teeth of all upper and lower arch

The full curve of replacement teeth and place on four dental implants. It allows the restoration of your complete curve of upper or lower teeth on the day of your procedure. The teeth are non-removable, seem, and sense like real teeth, and can give the added benefit of protecting the bone structure of your jaw. Many people refer to All on Four Dental Implants, but they should be referring to the All On Four or All-On-4 method.

What we can provides with All-on-4 treatment?

Using the All On Four method, we can give our patients with beautiful, functional non-removable teeth. There is no need for a long wait of six months for implants to blend. Besides, this method usually enables us to avoid bone grafting. Bone grafting can add an extra year to the timeline. Patients also report notable trouble from procedures such as bone grafts. On the day they get their All on Four dental implants, patients typically leave with entire curves of non-removable teeth.

Full curve replacements are an excellent choice for wearing traditional dentures. These orders can relieve so much of what people hate about the more conventional appliance. Some of the advantages of all on four dental implants include:

  1. No slippage or sensitive spots
  2. The looks and feel of natural teeth
  3. Recovering almost all of your original chewing and biting sense
  4. The sense to eat the foods you want to eat.
  5. The protection of the bone in your jaw.
  6. Relief from inconstancies of the denture.

What expert says about All-on-4?

All-on-4 dental implants are a long-lasting solution to the loss of teeth, and the all-on-4 procedure is less invasive due to the lowered number of implants required to complete the process. Treatment is an answer to tooth loss, mainly in the cases where the bulk of teeth have been lost or damaged. This Method of implants is a safe, efficient procedure that replaces conventional methods of tooth replacement like dental bridges or dentures.

What is the cost of an All-On-4 Dental Implant in Bangalore?

The price of All-On-4 dental implants can vary based on the material used and how many artificial teeth you need. Added factor includes what your insurance plan may cover. Additional all-on-4 cost depends on several factors, including the system and type of teeth the patients may want as a full mouth permanent dental implant-supported fixed bridge for teeth-in-a-day replacement. Our all on 4 Implants price starts at AED 20,000.

When did a dentist suggest to use this method?

Our dentists will usually use the All-on-4 method to obtain permanent dentures quickly after surgery. With this technique, they will place four posts at a slight angle.

Is the treatment painful?

Through the procedure, the Surgeon will give medicine and local anesthetics to put you comfortable – and free from worry – during the surgery.

As with any operational dental procedure, you can assume some post-operative trouble. However, the pain is almost gentle and should not remain more than a few days. In the interim, we can control with medications such as painkillers.

What is the success rate of this surgery?

According to some Research, This treatment giving mixed patient-related and implant-related success rates of 94.8 percent and 98.1 percent, respectively, at five years, and 93.8 percent and 94.8 percent, respectively, with up to 10 years of follow-up. The prostheses’ survival rate was 99.2 percent, with up to 10 years of follow up.

The complication of long term

Permanent function implants have grown an accepted choice for fixed restoration protocols in edentulous mandibles based on documented high success rates. The All-on-4 concept (Nobel Biocare, Göteborg, Sweden), an operational and prosthetic contract for an immediate function requiring the use of four implants to support a fixed prosthesis in patients with fully edentulous mandibles, describes one of these protocols. The authors led a study to document the long-term follow-up of the All-on-4 concept.

When does the dentist suggest to use this method?

Our dentists will usually use the All-on-4 method to obtain permanent dentures quickly after surgery. With this technique, they will place four posts at a slight angle.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

During surgery, you can expect minimal bleeding and some sore – which is the body’s response to operation and healing. Both swelling and bleeding should go away within hours to a few days following treatment.

You will require to relax during the first 48 hours after surgery, meaning no strenuous physical activity. Later that, you may resume work and other events, as permitted. All through there are not any other side effects of this surgery.